Dyes for thermoplastic polymers,
fibers and digital inks

For over 20 years, our mission has been to work alongside our customers, helping them to make the best of their colour offer:

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Plastic are soluble organic dyes used for colouring a wide range of thermoplastic polymers and fibers (PS, SB, SAN, PMMA, PC, ABS and their blends, PPO, rigid PVC, PET, PBT, PLA, polyamides). They have a very high coloring strength and high heat stability.

Plastic dyes allow for colours:

  • brilliant and fully transparent (with transparent amorphous polymers such as PS – SAN – PMMA – PET)
  • pastel, opaque and clean (in combination with titanium dioxide and / or other organic / inorganic pigments with good opacity)
  • with high light fastness (depending on dye, its percentage of use and type of polymer used)
  • fluorescent

Plastic dyes do not apply on polyolefin materials and in the presence of plasticizers because they can present migration problems. With few exceptions, they are suitable for use in contact with food and in toys.

Our range includes some dyes listed as dispersed suitable to produce sublimation inks for digital printing.

Each import is preceded by rigorous tests in our laboratory to ensure a constant and outstanding color quality. All our dyes comply with the REACH regulation.

Iris Green has a Regulatory Office to guarantee compliance with the various markets and maintain constant updates on continuously evolving regulatory requirements.

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