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IrisGlitter is our line of glitters made from polyester film metallized aluminum with excellent colour stability and brightness. The selection of the best raw materials and high production technology allow us to offer a product with bright shades with high dimensional consistency and chemical fastness over the application dedicated.
IrisGlitter polyester glitter is available in different particle sizes that enhance the characteristics of brilliance or opacity.
Our polyester glitters are used in various sectors: architectural, industrial and automotive paints, inks, plastics, cosmetics, textiles, toys and others. IrisGlitter are used by the main Italian manufacturers of decorative paints for special effects which, as it is well known, are leaders in this small but significant niche market.

IrisGlitter includes:

  • PES: Polyester glitter – various colours and particles sizes
  • IRIDESCENT: Glitter in iridescent polyester – various colours and particles sizes
  • HOLOGRAFIC: Holographic polyester glitter – various colours and particles sizes

Available particle sizes:

  •  1/64” ≅ 400 µm
  • 1/96” ≅ 270 µm
  • 1/128” ≅ 200 µm
  • 1/256” ≅ 100 µm
  • 1/360” ≅ 70 µm
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