Universal colorants for point-of-sale

For over 20 years, our mission has been to work alongside our customers, helping them to make the best of their colour offer:

Create value through colour

IrisBlendU is our series of universal colorants, specific for architectural paints for interiors and exteriors, designed to be used into tinting equipment. Our colorants are binder-free, VOC-free, APE-free, Formaldehyde-free and allow the final product to meet the most stringent health and environmental regulations.

IrisBlendU colorants are manufactured based on stringent specifications for perfect reproducibility of colour strength, tone and rheology.

  • Basic Module: reproduces large part of the shades for interiors (in particular IrisPalette 1050) and a limited range of colours for exteriors. Also in combination with Exteriors Module of IrisBlendW. Suitable for Do-It-Yourself paints
  • Exteriors Module: pigment selection for a vast offer of colours for exteriors (in particular IrisPalette 180). Suggested for: masonry paints and plasters for exteriors, silicates, siloxanes, silicone and mineral paints
  • Wood Module: transparent iron oxides for wood coatings
  • Other Options: more pigments are available to complete and customize the colour proposals

In addition we are often asked to develop customized products and countertypes to improve tinting systems in use. In the last 15 years we have developed, in the various lines, more than 500 custom references.

• Set of 26 colorants to customize the tinting system on any need

excellent compatibility with a broad range of paint products: latex paints, plasters, mineral paints, water-based enamels, alkyd enamels and wood stains

mixed modules with water and universal colorants together

enhances the properties of the paint: gloss, hardness, drying time and viscosity

• promotes high levels of: water repellency, light and weather fastness

optimizes the cost of the formulas and improves opacity even in critical colours

improves dosages and stability in the tinting machines: optimal rheology of the colorants, reduction of drying and sedimentation problems

  • optimization of the pigment selection
  • improvement of colorant and base paint compatibility
  • characterization of your paint products and construction of the database of formulas
  • optimization of the formulas: opacity, cost, light and weather fastness
  • adoption of our fan-decks:
    IrisPalette 1050 – Selection for interiors
    IrisPalette 180 – Selection for exteriors
  • development of new fan-decks and colour cards
  • adoption of our software IrisBlendSW
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