The new software for point-of-sale

IrisBlendSW is the new Iris Green software for the management of tinting machines at point-of-sale, designed on the basis of our over twenty years of experience, with more than 400 customers, in over 30 countries, to meet the specific needs of those who work along the color chain: from operator of the tinting machine, to the shop owner, up to the paint manufacturer.

The IrisBlendSW proposal is proposed in three levels:

Basic: includes all the main features

Search: in addition offers the colour research and the management of competitors’ colours

Match: in addition offers the formulation and the connection to colorimeters and spectrophotometers


tintometer management software

IrisBlendSW is completed with IrisBlendSR, the physical or cloud platform to be used to generate and maintain formula databases, even automatically from a remote server. IrisBlendSR also allows the distribution and monitoring of IrisBlendSW licenses.
The paint manufacturer finds in IrisBlendSW a tool that can be customized according to its needs and that interfaces with the software of the main tinting machines in the market.

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