Exteriors Selection

A chromatic proposal selected on the basis of new trends in the world of paint products and plasters for Exteriors. All colours made with inorganic pigments can be used with silicates, siloxanes and silicone paints even in highly alkaline environments.

The use of special colorants for exteriors guarantees the obtainment of very bright and saturated colours, without renouncing the light and weather fastness required for an application in exteriors.

The colours of this collection have been made with inorganic pigment-based colorants or with high performance pigments and tested in our laboratory to guarantee their use in exteriors.

It is good to remember that the solidity of a colour in exteriors, depends not only on the chemical nature of the colorants used but also on many other variables such as the type of paint product used, the environmental variables, the application cycle, the type of substrate and its correct preparation, the possible presence of moisture, alkalinity, soluble salts, etc.

IrisPalette 180
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